Tuesday, May 15, 2012

You are a beautiful soul

What a delight. What a privilege to have you fall asleep in my lap. You look so peaceful, so serene and pure. I am holding your bib against your chin, so your pacifier stays put in your mouth. You are sound asleep and you make little noises. They are soothing and I enjoy listening to the sounds you make. My index strokes your forehead and you try to grab it in your sleep. I hold still for a while, in an attempt not to wake you. Your thick, black eyelashes rest on your rosy cheeks. You are such a beautiful girly girl. My legs feel numb but I do not want to bend them, for your legs are on top of mine and I do not want to wake you. Naps are important to you and necessary. We had a great time around lunch. I was having my sushi and at the same time my other hand was tickling your neck. You enjoyed that and it made you laugh. That broad smile makes me happy. I think I am going to text your mommy and daddy to let them know what a special little girl you are....

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