Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Out here on my own

Both whippets are enjoying some snuggle time in their cosy beds. Well, they have one bed each, but they prefer to sleep on top of each other in one bed. The early sunbeams are warming their backs and their legs are covering their eyes. Arthur is licking his front legs, his eyes closed. I hear the raspy sound of his tongue and I wonder what it must feel like to lick that fur and have all of those little hairs in your throat.
The back door is open, to let some fresh air in. The kitchen radio is playing in the background. I can't really hear the music, since the volume is set on low. My notebook is overheating and I turned it on only 15 minutes ago. It is sitting in my lap, making a noise I don't like to hear..
Hubby left for work around 5:00 AM. His alarm clock alerted me, but I fell asleep again as soon as it was turned off. The children took the school bus at 7:30 AM. I have the house all to myself. There are some chores to be done and lunch to be prepared, but first I want to sit on the couch and think things over. I enjoy that time by myself and it's a good way to start the day. My dietitian needs to be informed about the outcome of her plan for me. I'm so happy I went to see her and get her advise. It's doing the trick! What a relief..
Around lunch, the girls will come home from school. They will be off until Monday and they are so looking forward to that. Let's hope the sun will be out so they can enjoy some warmth as well.
Our goldfish needs to be fed, the dogs could do with a bowl of fresh water and I want to go see if the chickens have provided us with a couple of fresh eggs. Thinking of making French toast for lunch today, some Greek yogurt and strawberries on the side. Maybe I'll bake cookies this afternoon. It was supposed to be a lazy day. Not.

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