Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A confidence boost

Your little girl was diagnosed as a toddler. You had no idea what to expect, but you knew it was chronic. There were two older children in the house, but most of your attention had to go to this little cutie, who needed her mommy desperately. Waking up in the middle of the night, to poke that tiny finger and check her blood glucose. Being so careful not to wake her, because she needed that sleep so badly. Not getting a break, because you didn't trust anyone with her. Only you knew how to treat her, you knew how to discipline her and make sure her numbers wouldn't go out of line.

She grew up to be a very sporty girl. As a gymnast, she did real well and you were so proud of her. She's a clever cookie and her mouth is full of words. Not always the easiest child to work with, but you did the best you could. Never a day out for yourself. Always home for your daughter, to make sure she was okay. But the little princess got bigger and became more independent. Things changed in your life as well. You moved house and your children got a new baby sister. You were a bit lost and things were pretty hectic for you. I heard your cry for help. It's not easy huh.. you could do with some time off. If only that were possible..

I'm meeting you this afternoon. It's been a while. Haven't seen the little princess yet although she's already 2 months old! Shame on me! Get that coffee ready so we can have a chit chat. You'll be fine. Don't worry. You'll be fine.


Upje schrijft said...

Oooh, doe ze keiveel groetjes!!!

kathy ros said...

thx Cathy ,this is so beautiful...from the beginning i saw you, thought was ..what a nice woman,what a warm personnality...i know now i was wright all along...I've missed you and hope to see you a little bit more?You make me cry with this blog,but it's all so ..ME.
xxx big hug girly..xxxxxx