Friday, June 15, 2012

is it okay to be gay?

Over the years, different people have crossed my path. Men, women, older people, younger people, single people, divorced people, families. Each one of them with their own personality, their own preferences and choices in life. I love meeting all different kinds of people, because I'm sure they can teach us so much about life and love.

Some of my friends are straight, others are gay. I even have a girlfriend who loves both men and women. Big deal. Who are we to judge? They are who they are and I hope they are "man" enough to live up to their believes. It must be horrible if you must live your life a lie, because you can't tell your friends or family who you really are.

There's this program on Dutch television: Out of the closet. I like to watch it with the girls. They have no problem with gays either. Why would they? After all, it's not like your preference for men/women is something you can choose, is it? And even if it were: who are we to dislike you for being who you are?
On the last show, this guy was going to tell his friends and family, that he fancied boys. The reporter asked his friends what they thought of gay people. Let's say their comments were not really flattering. Going from: I don't like gay people, over: I don't mind as long as they keep their hands of me, to: I would turn my head if I would spot one. Then this young man tells his friends he needs to make a confession. One of his friends jokes: now don't tell me you're gay! The silence in the room was nerve wrecking. The young man asks his friends to hear him out and he tells them about his preference for men. One of his best friends instantly says: then I have nothing left to say to you.. That really broke my heart... How can your friendship change because of someone's sexual preference? Nothing wrong with that. It's not some disease you have to get over. It's not a choice you should change. It's a preference. It's about love. And it's not nasty. How can love be nasty? Yes, I get all hyped up if people say stupid things like that. I love my gay friends. They are very nice and loving and caring. Wouldn't want to miss them..

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Upje schrijft said...

Jezus ... Ik begrijp wél dat het wennen is, of dat ouders plots hun ideale toekomstbeeld van huisje-boompje-beestje en vooral kindje in duigen zien vallen en dus even moeten slikken ... Maar zo'n reacties? Vreemd. En zo triest ...