Saturday, June 16, 2012

In the moment

This is pure joy, an absolute delight. I love fine dining. Our oldest daughter had the day off and we decided we were going to do some shopping in Antwerp. The weather wasn't with us, but that didn't stop us to visit the shops we wanted to see. Our fingers were hurting from carrying too many bags and our tummies were screaming for some food. My eyes spotted a menu we couldn't resist, so we entered the wonderful world of Café Imperial. An amazing building (would Napoleon really have been here?) and being welcomed by a very polite host, was a perfect opener for this lunch. We were looking for a light lunch. The appetizer of silky soft smoked salmon on a blini with sour cream and caviar, a small piece of toast with foie gras on a compote of fresh figs and the flavor of the sea while sipping those oysters, was delightful to say the least. It made our taste buds long for more. Lana had her bagel with smoked salmon and cream cheese with fresh chives, while I indulged my tataki and tartar of yellow fish tuna and wasabi sherbet. Don't you just love these outings? I had promised Lana dessert at Roger van Damme's Het Gebaar, right down the street. We had to shop some more before my friend could join us for coffee. I love these outings with my girls. Our other daughter was in school today, but her shopping day will only be delayed, not canceled.

It was a brief walk to Het Gebaar. The place was packed and we were seated on the bench before our table was ready. My friend arrived just in time to join us. Since he lives in Antwerp, he hopped on his bike and it took him no more than 5 minutes to get there. My daughter noticed his insulin pump and I told her his numbers are within range most of the time. And I truly mean: most of the time. He's a wise man and he decided to skip dessert and have a Doppio instead. I was too curious to see these pieces of art, so I did order dessert. My choice was The Botanique, a true chocolate adventure. Too rich for me, but I'm glad I had the chance to taste it.

Lana opted for The Cosmo: banana, chocolate and lots of sugar.. A pleasure for the eye and it was definitely worth the smile on her face. I'm glad Roger Van Damme left his kitchen to mingle with the guests. He's shorter than I thought, but very kind and down to earth. It was special to be here and enjoy these dishes of sin. I find it very hard to estimate carbohydrates in desserts and my numbers weren't happy at all, but I truly enjoyed it.
We had good conversations and a very pleasant day. To be continued..


Upje schrijft said...

Ik heb de kaart eens bekeken ... Wauw! Ik ga op zoek naar een slachtoffer om me eens te vergezellen, geloof ik. :D

Bittersweet said...

en is dat dan voor Café Imperial of voor Het Gebaar?