Saturday, June 2, 2012

I've been hiding from you

Photo Lana Joos
We had no idea your mom and dad were planning to move in here. Didn't we pay enough attention or were we too blind to see? You were definitely very quiet. It was not until Hubby tried to clean up the bush of bamboo, that he noticed the surprise deep inside. There was a nest of three baby birds. Probably just hatched, since one little green egg was still waiting to be hatched. Mom and dad were not to be seen. We looked out for them, but they were completely out of sight. Two little babies opened their little beaks in silence. The third one was asleep and seemed smaller than its siblings. I wonder if the fourth egg has life in it. We can't tell. It's probably not a good idea to go peek five times a day. If we do, the bird parents will not come back to take care of their offspring. The sight of the little chicks moved me. In a second, my blood sugar dropped to a low 45. The stool I was standing on, made me sea sick. I had to step down, holding on to my camera. But I was glad I got to see this new life in our backyard. I'm glad mom and dad Birdy chose this place to raise their chicks. Looking forward to seeing them grow up..

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