Friday, June 1, 2012

Genuine love

Just look at them... they are too sweet. They are so attached to one another, that each one of them would be devastated if anything would happen to the other. They are always together. You can't see one without the other. Sometimes, they are like Siamese twins. Walking them, they walk side by side, like they are taped together. Rebba is very protective of Inthe. She probably sees her as her baby. She's a very good mommy to Inthe and Inthe does listen to her. At times, Rebba has to reprimand her if she goes out of line and that's when us people need to step back and let them work out their issues.
It's easy to recognize genuine love once you have lived it. It's so pure, so unique. And that's what these two share. A unique love for the other. They couldn't live without each other and I'm sure if one passes away, the other will grieve for a very long time. Let's not go there. Let's just enjoy the moments we are sharing and love them the way they love each other...
Photo Lana Joos

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