Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Log Book

00:24 AM 64 Time to go to bed, munching on two Maria cookies.
08:20 AM 179 Roll out of bed and have some breakfast.
11:03 AM 187 number too high. Don't like it. Let's change that infusion site.
12:41 PM 287 That's not what I asked for!
1:59 PM 216 what's going on? I did count my carbs!
5:35 PM 303. Darn. I don't have a clue where that BG came from. I ask my insulin pump to correct that number and we have dinner.
7:16 PM Time for dessert. I'm not feeling better yet and I decide to change my site again and open a fresh bottle of insulin as well.
8:20 PM A diabetic friend texts me to ask for the mail address of his diabetes nurse. I have a hard time focussing and it has become practical impossible for me to text him back.
8:30 PM I'm not feeling well at all.. I'm losing control over my body. This is the time where both my daughters come to the rescue...
8:44 PM An alarming 23. The girls grab my cell phone and call my diabetes nurse. They tell her what's going on here and ask her what to do. They remain calm and do as she asks. They detach my insulin pump from my body and feed me two sachets of pure glucose gel with a spoon.
8:45 PM 27. I have no idea what's going on. I'm sweating like crazy and I'm terribly cold. The girls take care of me and cover me up in blankets.
9:04 PM 73 My diabetes nurse calls the girls every quarter of an hour. She asks how I'm responding to the treatment and wants to know if I'm talking or answering their questions. The girls give me another sachet of glucose gel and two small cookies. I am aware of my daughter reading labels and counting carbs. She won't give me more than 2 cookies, for she doesn't want my numbers to skyrocket.
9:22 PM 64 I'm going down again. I'm so cold. The girls help me get undressed and put me in pajamas. They light the fireplace and give me another blanket. The whippets try to keep me warm as well. Rebba puts her head in my neck and her warm breath feels great. Inthe finds her spot under my blanket and keeps my knees warm. One daughter is stroking my hand and talking to me in a soothing way, while the other is on the phone with my nurse.
9:37 PM 85 time to hook up my pump again and have 3 more cookies.
10:00 PM 88 terrible head ache and still cold.
10:38 PM 76 two more cookies.. I'm so tired..
11:22 PM 168 I would normally give a correction bolus now. I'm not going to this time..
11:46 PM 167 time to get some pain relief for that pounding headache and climb the stairs. I couldn't keep myself from correcting that number though...

I realize how wonderful my girls are. They didn't panic but acted like true nurses. They took care of me in the best way possible. I'm so proud of them! I'm sorry they had to go through this hassle, but I guess that's also part of diabetes. Love you girls... thank you  so much for caring and coming to the rescue. Thank you diabetes nurse, for guiding them through this episode..

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