Sunday, June 17, 2012

Whatever you are, be a good one

The first time I read this line, it instantly made me think of you. You have so many activities going on and whatever you do, you do well. It's the attitude I guess. You like to give all of your attention and energy to what you do. It's a pleasure to hear you talk about your hobbies and what you do to please others.
It's already June. Half of this year has passed and we have not got together as often as we use to. Things have been hectic I assume. But we'll get there. It's about time we ask you over for a drink and a bite. What do you think?
Your birthday is a good occasion maybe? Not that we need an occasion to get together, but why not celebrate your special day with us? Would you like that? Just give it a thought and let us know when you are available again and then we'll set a date.

 Happy Birthday my friend. Out of sight doesn't mean you're no longer in our hearts.

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