Friday, June 8, 2012

You don't give up on the people you love

When this couple - they were celebrating their 65th (!) anniversary - was asked, what they had done to grow old together and still be in love?

It didn't take them long to answer that question. Practical simultaneously, they said: at least a cuddle a day, that's all it takes..

It's moving to look at the picture and see the love in the eyes of these two. The way he holds her hand and presses his lips against her fingers.. The pride in her eyes when she's looking at her husband.
I wonder what their story is. When they met. How old they were at the time. Whether they have raised children of their own. Were they fortunate in their life or did they suffer great losses? I'm curious to read more about this couple.
It's heartwarming to see that this way of life is paying off. It's obvious they are still in love.
I imagine them sitting on the couch, their fingers entwined. I can see her, pushing up her body with her fists pressed in the couch, to slowly shamble towards the kitchen. She asks him, in a soft voice, if he would like a cup of tea. His "yes love" was not even necessary, since she knew in advance what the answer would be. How she drops half a lump of sugar in his cup, pours the tea over it and stirs it with that small silver spoon she tends to polish on Thursdays. He hears the sound of the cookie tin and the grin on his face explains it all. He knows she has been baking his favorite thumbprint cookies that same morning and he knows she won't have any. He is the only reason she keeps baking. Her sparkling eyes glow even more when she sees how he carefully brings a cookie to his mouth. With her index finger, she wipes away a small crumble in the corner of his mouth. His mouth drops open and his eyes close. She puts away his cup of tea and covers his knees with a blanket she knitted a long time ago. Her head rests on his shoulder and a smile is to be seen on her face when she closes her eyes. The dishes can wait. This moment is golden. It's what keeps them together..

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