Friday, July 20, 2012

A smitten kitten

You are coming home today... It's been too long. Not hearing anything from you was really weird. I'm not used to not talking to you and you couldn't even bring your cell phone along. That was a hard one. Not only for us, but also for your boyfriend..

Last night, I was just typing a note for him, to ask if he wanted to join me to come pick you up at the railway station. All of a sudden, the door bell rang. Not expecting anyone, I opened the door and to my surprise, your sweetheart stood on the sidewalk. He asked me if it were okay if he would pick you up at the train station. That was so sweet of him! I could've hugged him! I told him about the message I was sending him an instant ago. What a coincidence! 

Of course he can pick you up. He is so in love with you.. and you will be so happy to see him. I'm sure you will want to take a shower, but he'll take you to MacDonald's first. That's what he promised and I just know you will be very happy to go. I hope to see the two of you somewhere in the afternoon. He's more than welcome, you know that. It'll be good to have you home honeybun xx

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