Saturday, July 21, 2012

Un poco di pepe


Cooking and baking is such a rewarding hobby. I'm so grateful to have a well equipped kitchen, full of all the appliances I could wish for. I spend quite some time discovering new recipes, completing my cooking blog, trying out different flavors. There is a never ending source of recipes on the Internet. Just try the search engine machines and surprise yourself. People who say: I have no idea what to cook, have not discovered these sites yet. I don't have enough days in a month to try out all of those new recipes. That's why I prepare several dishes a day and so many menus a month. I learn so
much from trying out and although I have not taken any classes, I feel my experience is grower bigger by the day. I love to improve my produce knowledge. Always looking out for new products, I don't hesitate to enter foreign supermarkets and explore what they have.
 It's good to hear my children recognize different spices in the food I cook. How often do they enter the kitchen, saying: it smells of this or that... because they recognize the herbs I use. They know what dim sums are, they know the difference between cilantro and parsley and if I ask them to hand me over the baking soda, they know exactly where to find it. Is it common for teens to have smoked salmon blini's or home made crab ravioli? Probably not.. at least, that's what their friends tell me. They are used to having mashed potatoes, sausages and applesauce. Nothing wrong with the Flemish cuisine, trust me. But there's so much more to discover. Get your peppermill ready for un poco di pepe on top of that wonderful tomato bruschetta. Really, give it a try. It is so satisfying..

Cilantro lemon chicken
Chorizo baked potatoes egg sunny side up
Chicken Enchilada

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