Friday, July 6, 2012

Just smile and be happy

Photo by Lana Joos
You're all set. You packed your bags last night, all by yourself, like you have done for years. Totally excited about this summer camp, you sent your last facebook messages for this week. In Durbuy there will be no Internet. So used to that way of communicating, but now you will have to go back to basics: just talk to each other, without a computerscreen or keyboard. Your world will be a bit more narrow than you are used to, but that's more than okay. Old friends, new friends, friends to be.. plenty of fun and hopefully some sun to brighten up the days.

Have fun sweetie pie. Enjoy your summer camp, have a ball and meet up with peers. There will be so many stories to tell and I'm looking forward to hearing them. See you in a week!

PS If you would like to make her happy with a written letter or a more modern email:

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