Saturday, July 7, 2012

They're here!!!

5:00 PM It's getting pretty hectic around here now. One hour to go before the guests arrive. I need to hop in to that shower and find the right outfit. Rearranging the food plan in my head, I can check off most things on my to do list. That velvety vanilla ice cream cannot be made ahead. It needs to be soft and creamy. The table has been set, the dishes are put away and the wine is cold. I think I'm ready. Hubby is sweeping the terrace one more time. The dogs have been fed and are taking a nap in their bench. One daughter is having the time of her life in summer camp and the other is enjoying her first two day festival in Bruges. I hope our friends will have an empty stomach when they get here. Because I have prepared quite some goodies. It's great to have people over and tickle their taste buds.
6:00 PM Time to hug the friends and enjoy their happy faces.
6:15 PM Champagne and appetizers
ciabatta bruschetta with Southern style tomatoes
 surprising popsicles
prawn tempura and sweet chili sauce
oxtail soup and veal meat balls
home made grissini with truffle tapenade
6:45 PM Time for the entrees! There's a choice between: pork cheek stew with baked apple cubes crab cakes with home made tartar sauce home made breadrolls
7:15 PM Medallions of pork tenderloin, a mixture of fine vegetables, romanesco, black pepper sauce, pommes parisienne with rosemary or baked potato and sour cream
8:00 PM Dessert! Coming up: home made vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. Can't forget the double cream!
8:30 PM Coffee and tea freshly baked double chocolate chip cookies madelein cakes panna cotta and cuberdon advocat In between there will be laughter and good conversation. There will be time to hug and enjoy each others company. It's been tooooooooooooo long.

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