Tuesday, July 10, 2012

On the road

It's your turn. You're leaving for summer camp too. Your sister has been gone for a couple of days. The house will be empty and quiet (and clutter free too) without you girls. We are keeping our fingers crossed that the weather will be with you. Daddy has tuned up your bicycle so it's all ready to bring you to your destination. It will be a very long ride, 116 km to be exact. That is, by car. The actual bicycle ride will be around 155 km. Your bottom will be very sore by the time you get there, but you will persevere. It's not in your nature to give up and nag over things you can't change.
We got you a new backpack. A real one! A good one and you will take good care of it. You are good at packing your things all by yourself. I'm sure the goodies and candy won't be forgotten.

We'll write you kiddo. And if others are willing to do the same, just grab a pen and a piece of paper and send Lana some news:

VZW KLJ-Eel - Den Bouw
Chiro Ekyrpak - Lana JOOS
Eelstraat 4
2380 Ravels - Eel

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