Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Rise in size

You may be very proud of yourself! For the first time, you have crossed the ocean. It's the first time you took an airplane. And all of that all by yourself. I'm pretty sure your intestines protested quite a bit when the plane took off, but in an instant a smile will have appeared on your face with joy, for the adventure has finally started.

The Hooks let me know that they would wait for you at the bagage claim. I'm glad someone is out there to pick you up. It will be another 1 hour drive to the Hook Ranch in La Porte, Indiana and you will be exhausted by the time you get there. It was a long flight after all. But you did it! And there were no problems at all. So there was no need to feel anxious about it. Your vacation just started. What a great reward for the end of this school year. Half a year ago, there were no plans of that order. And now you are in the US, looking forward to a whole lot of fun.

Keep in touch every now and then, okay? We are all anxious to hear about your stories and yes, we want to see pictures!

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