Friday, July 13, 2012

What's the catch?

Summer Sales! Not a period of the year I look forward to. I hate crowds of people, rushing into shops and grabbing in clothes to get that one favorite piece. How they push each other aside, how their armpits smell sweaty of excitement and how they mess the clothes up without any embarrassment. The long lines of people, waiting to try on their latest catch.. ugh.. I really hate it.

My friend and I planned a shopping day in Holland though. We have the same taste, same size and we pick the same brands of clothes. We only visit one shop, no more. Our favorite place to be, is The Sting. It's a great store! We have three brands we tend to buy. No need to fit the clothes, since we know the brands and sizes by heart. My wardrobe is now exclusively reserved for these outfits. I'm so happy to have found this shop and it's always a pleasure to go there and enjoy their clothes. Now leave me alone, because I have some clothes to put away and rearrange my dressroom.

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