Sunday, August 5, 2012

Good old fashion fun

It's great to have friends over. So I didn't mind the message you sent me: "Mom, is it okay if both my girlfriends stay over tonight? They would bring their tent and we would sleep in the backyard.
P.S. They would love to try out your cooking skills!"

I had to hurry up and get the preps done for dinner. I had something in mind, but as usual my plans changed just a little bit. Adding more and more side dishes to the original plan, I had some more errands to run. Your friends took the bus over to our place and the three of you were so happy to see each other. It had been a while, I must say. There was summer camp for you and then your friends went abroad with their parents. It won't be too long before school starts and both your friends will take different subjects. It's a shame they will no longer be in your class, but that doesn't mean you can no longer be friends.

I loved the smile on all of those faces and the chitchatting in the house. Daddy had to help out with the tent, but he shouldn't have. It started to rain and you stayed in your room. One of the girls fell asleep right away, for she had slept no more than 2 hours the night before, coming home from France. But you and your other friend couldn't stop chatting. I heard it was 4:30 AM before your heads touched your pillows.. zzzzzz

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