Monday, August 6, 2012

Very low profile

I was at a dinner party, when the subject came to speeding tickets, parking tickets, tickets in general. We all had our own stories to tell and it surprised me to hear I was by far the only one in the crowd who liked to drive a bit quicker than allowed. I haven't had any tickets lately - touch wood, will you? - and I would like to keep it that way. It made me remember though, to take a look at my driver's licence, to see if that had not expired yet. Us diabetics need to renew our licence every 3 - 5 years. Therefore, we need to see our specialist and he has to give his permission. He is responsible for his patients and their driving skills. It's up to us to make sure our blood glucose is in the normal range, so we don't endanger others and ourselves. We have to keep in mind that our licence expires some day, because nobody will notify you. Driving with a licence that has expired, is serious business. It means the police may confiscate your vehicle. Just like that.

You probably know by now, my licence had expired. For 17 days, to be exact. Hmhm.. not a very good move I must admit. I had my picture taken that week and I went to the town hall to apply for a new document. My specialist had given his permission, so I expected no problems at all. Didn't I? I should have known better. Murphy's law.. When the town hall clerk called me (in fact, she called my husband first, since she had his number and not mine), she asked me to contact my doctor and demand a new document. Somehow, the wrong category had been ticked, meaning I could now drive a car AND a motorcycle! How exciting! As if.. Hello??? I'm not going to ride a motor cycle! Why couldn't she just erase that option? Because she couldn't. Because she did not have the power to do so. I truly hate it when that happens. What a hassle over nothing.. Stress that we don't need. I wanted things to be solved as soon as possible, so I called my helpline. She's an angel. I knew she would fix that for me and that's exactly what she did. In the meantime, I kept very low profile. Stuck to the speed limits. Didn't risk any parking ticket. Didn't cross any line at all.

My new licence is crisp and clean and it's kept safe in a brandnew plastic folder. For the next 3 years, I may drive my car. That is till further notice. Because you never know with diabetes. I'd better take good care of myself, so my licence will never be refused or taken away.

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