Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I am accountable for this

That's what the neighbor's wife told me yesterday: "I'm accountable for my husband's diabetes... because I'm the one who feeds him. I gave him too many sugary desserts.. I'm so sorry I did."

He had his blood work checked a month ago. I had asked him to do so nearly one year ago. Since there are many T2 diabetics in his family and he has quite a bit of belly fat, I thought it wouldn't be bad for him to have a check-up. So he finally did. His wife told me: he has "the sugar", but not dramatically. Just a little bit.. Can you see my eyes roll? Here we go again... I asked her about her pregnancies in the past. If she were pregnant, or just a little bit pregnant. She got the message.
His fasting BG was 197 mg/dl. Meaning he's a diabetic. He doesn't have "a bit of sugar". He's a diabetic. It won't go away. She had her blood work tested as well, while they were at the doctor's office together. Her fasting BG was 100 mg/dl, two times in a row. There was an * in front of that number and she asked me what that meant. It means that she's a prediabetic. Meaning she will develop T2 diabetes over time. That surprised her, because her GP had not said anything about it.

At that time, my neighbor joined the conversation. He said he had stopped eating candy, for that candy had caused his diabetes. I told him it was not his fault. Eating candy does not cause diabetes. It will elevate your BG if you're already a diabetic and don't treat yourself well. But it does NOT cause diabetes.

I have a spare glucometer that I'm testing out for Accu-Chek. With little explanation, they can now test his BG one day a week, on 4 different times: before breakfast, before lunch, before diner and before bed. That will give his GP a better look on how his meds are affecting his diabetes. My neighbor believes taking that one pill a day will solve his problem. It's a lot more than that. It's a beginning though. Too bad his GP didn't give him any more information. I think I'll pay the neighbors another visit today and tell them a bit more about carbohydrates and BG numbers..

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