Sunday, August 12, 2012

Lemon Chiffon or Haitian Vanilla?

Photo Lana Joos
We didn't have any fancy name for our wedding cake. Nobody asked how luscious the filling should be or what topping we wanted to spread on top of the cake. Did I worry about that? Absolutely not. Our wedding was simple and basic but we didn't need an expensive wedding party to celebrate our marriage. The only thing that was important, is that we were able to invite the people that really mattered. It didn't matter the wedding cost was still too high for our budget. After all, we paid whatever debt we had and we were proud that we didn't need anybody else to jump in for us. In that way, we were able to choose whatever we wanted for our wedding. And that did not include silver plates or relatives we had never seen before.

Do you honestly think exquisite Lemon Chiffon pies make marriages a better deal? Our guests didn't mind the fact that we had a huge BBQ for dinner, in some local parish hall. After all, they came to see us and have a good time together and that's exactly what they got.

Happy 17th Anniversary Hubby.. 

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lieven joos said...

Happy anniversary beestje. Na 17 jaar nog altijd samen.
I love you!