Saturday, August 11, 2012

Quite remarkable

The more reviews I read about La Sultana, the more I long for this trip. It sounds very exciting, relaxing, welcoming, inviting.. So many people that spread the word on their fabulous stay in this hotel. After having read the Wiki information on Marrakech, we could do with some good news. Apparently, the Marrakech locals are not that honest when it comes to money. They like to rip you off and empty your pockets as soon as they get the chance. Offering you the best price ever and then charge you more in the end. I was not looking forward to such a kind of treatment. I don't like it when you pay 480 MAD for something that costs no more than 40 MAD. We are not very good at bargaining, so we'd better not even go there. The locals will immediately know we are tourists and easy targets. But we have done our research and are aware of the prices. We hope to get some help from the hotel management in booking excursions and taxis. That would be very helpful. I'm glad their shuttle service will come pick us up at the airport. The cost is higher than expected, but getting ripped off by a local taxi driver at the arrival is too much. We want to get to La Sultana in one piece, without bargaining or making a fuss. We hear the staff is very helpful and willing to bend backwards if they could. I have seen pictures of the rooms at the hotel and I believe we won't be disappointed..

It's about time to get the suitcases stowed away in the trunk of the car. I hope we have packed whatever we need. It will be hot in Marrakech - 40°C is not a temperature we are used to. Maybe this time I will use sunscreen after all.. Let's keep our fingers crossed that my insulin will survive the heat and that my insulin pump will not refuse action. My nurse provided me with insulin pens, just in case.. but I truly hope I won't need them. Our mini bar will be stacked with diet coke - that's another bonus of this hotel. I'm looking forward to strolling around the Medina, to smell the food and spices, to inspect the leather "maroquinerie", to take as many pictures as possible..

There is free wifi throughout the complete hotel, if you know what I mean. Yes, we'll keep you posted. I hope to upload some pictures every now and then, and let you know about our adventures..

Girls, we will miss you.. you will be in our minds. Hope to talk to you on Skype every now and then. Be good and keep safe...

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