Sunday, August 26, 2012

Move closer

Arthur was here first. He came to live with us some 9 years ago. We all know cats are the king of the household. Arthur doesn't know any better. He's the King and he wants to be treated as the King..
Somewhere along the line, Rebba came to live with us. Arthur was not impressed, not by far. He meowed and disapproved most every day. He didn't even want to look at her. Rebba, on the other hand, was very nice to him. Although whippets despise cats, she didn't mind to live together with Arthur in the same house. If he would come inside after a walk in the rain, she wanted to use her tongue to dry his fur. To thank her for helping him, Arthur would slap her..

I think Arthur got depressed the day Inthe came to join us. He must have thought: what the f***? He had no intention whatsoever to become friends with neither one. Inthe wanted to play hide and seek with her furry mate, but he didn't even give her one moment of attention.

All three have a bed of their own. Arthur has a high bed, where he can oversee the room. A little cat sneeze is enough to make the whippets hop out of their beds and see if he's okay. They try to comfort him when he's feeling sick to his stomach or when he accidentally falls of the window sill while sleeping. It's no use: Arthur is not whippet-friendly.

To our surprise, Arthur has become milder lately. He even relaxes on the couch, close to where the whippets are cuddling up together. This morning, all three of them were sleeping on the couch, very very close to one another. Maybe, just maybe, Arthur will chill and accept the dogs. He has had 4 years to adapt to them after all. 

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