Saturday, August 25, 2012


BG 45 and 6 units of insulin active in your body..

That's what my meter read after our visit to the Chinese restaurant last night. My insulin pump company claims this scenario is impossible, but it has happened before. Let me explain to you this procedure:

We were dining out. I was ready to give myself a mealtime bolus of 12 units. All of a sudden, my glucometer looses the bluetooth connection with my insulin pump, leaving the mealtime symbol in grey. If a bolus has been given, the symbol turns blue. I double check and still the symbol is grey, meaning the bolus has not been delivered. I am in doubt, since last time I had this issue, I ended up with a double bolus and a terrible low afterwards. I decide to believe the pump company and give another bolus, to cover for the one that is still grey and not blue. An hour and a half later, I feel dizzy and my lips are stinging: low.. I don't need to poke my finger to know. But I'm curious and I do check: 45 and 
6 active units of insulin in my body. Darn. There we go again.. I stuff my mouth with candy, swallow the sweets down with 400 ml of fruit juice but I already know that won't cut it. My blood sugar will keep on dropping and I will need to check more often. I'm ready, holding my candy and juice. I feel stuffed and there is absolutely no desire for dessert, but there's no other option. I don't want to call an ambulance to bring me to the hospital so I have to make sure my blood sugar keeps rising instead of dropping. I have removed my insulin pump to avoid my body from getting any more insulin. I'm tired. I want to go to bed, but I have to stay awake and alert to prevent worse. I really hate it when this happens. It makes me feel stupid and dumb. But this is the proof: these things DO happen, no matter what the pump company claims. I need to trust my own instincts. I should not have given myself that extra bolus. Let's have some more candy. And this time, it's not to party...

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