Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The girl on the swing

Your daddy is a smart cookie. He used your old custom made chair to make your own swing in the backyard. It gives you the opportunity to play outside with your brother and spend some time in the sun. I was excited to see how you would respond to your very own swing. After your nap, I carried you outside and strapped you into your chair. Four sturdy ropes are attached to that chair to make it possible for you to rock back and forth. It warmed my heart to see you all excited. Your grin was so satisfying and the sparkle in your eyes just asked for a picture. I pushed you as long as I could and your grin stayed right put.

In the background, I could hear the kids in the neighborhood, fooling around and playing hide and seek. I wonder if you heard them too? Were you aware of their joy and laughter? I had my eyes set on you and I truly enjoyed your enthusiasm. You are a lucky girl, to be born in a family that loving as yours...

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