Wednesday, August 8, 2012

There's always room for improvement

When my nurse asked me to enter this clinical study, I didn't hesitate one bit. There's always room for improvement and I'm happy with the people that are willing to devote their time to diabetes and diabetes treatment. After all, they are the ones who come up with new treatments to make our life with D better. So why not participate and help them gather information?

This clinical study is on the importance of keeping close contact with your diabetesteam. Is it helpful to email your numbers to your nurse? Do you expect them to respond within a certain period of time? What's reasonable for you? Within the hour? Within a day of that same week? What do you expect from your team? Do you make your own adjustments or do you need a hand from your nurse? Does close contact help in getting better numbers?

I need to have my blood work done this afternoon. That's part of the study. I don't mind, although I have this minor suspicion my HbA1c will be slightly higher than last time's. I have had quite some highs and even more lows and those fluctuations don't do me any good. They wear me out to the point that you drag yourself through the day. My nurse has offered her help, but there's not much she can do right now. I have kept my diary for the week and I must admit there's no constant in my numbers. There's no pattern, no line to follow. So maybe I should just forget about this week's diary. We're leaving for Morocco soon and things will be completely different there as well. The heat will lower my BG, I will sleep late and eat differently. Not really a good moment to make alterations worthwhile, I would say. I'll keep poking my fingers 8 times a day and make adjustments if my BG is too high. I will eat 26 biscuits if that's what's necessary to keep going. Things will come back to normal, eventually. Because that's what they always do..

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