Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Toi qui rit comme un ange

You have a beautiful smile. You don't make much sound when you smile, but that's okay. Your eyes shine and glow and that broad smile says it all. This afternoon, we cuddled on the couch. Not your own couch you are used to, but a couch in an apartment close to the beach. That's where you will spend your vacation with your family for a week. I will come visit you for two days, so your parents and brother can do other activities. Taking naps is what you need during the day. I love to have you in my lap and make you fall asleep. Making soothing sounds, stroking the tip of your nose  with my index, holding both of your hands, so you can relax and dream your dreams. I wonder what you dream about. While you are sleeping, you hold on to your pacifier, making those little noises that are so typically you. Your little feet meet each other at the foot soles, crossing your legs in my lap. I love the weight of your body against mine, your cheek against my cheek. I try to relax and we breathe together in the same cadence. I'm glad I can give you some love and warmth and you do the same for me. You have the most loving parents ever. They would give their life for you. They do more for you than one could expect. How could they not give you the best? You don't deserve any less. You ask nothing in return. It's just that the love that you give, reaches so many hearts and those hearts send you back all of their love. What a treasure you are..

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