Saturday, September 29, 2012


A friend of mine once blogged about the number 21. I'm not going to discuss the same subject, sorry! Couldn't even go there I think!

This week, you turned 21! You had no idea whether you were supposed to be happy about turning 21 or sad. You are an adult now. How about that? Your 21st birthday is extra special. It's supposed to be a day to remember. That's why you are throwing a party tonight and guess what? I'm glad you invited me. Looking forward to this evening :-)

I want to give you an idea on how to spend the perfect birthday:
  1. Sleep late. You will need the extra sleep in the morning to make it through the night.
  2. Have breakfast in bed. Doesn't matter if you have to make it yourself, it's just the idea that matters.
  3. Realize that you are an adult now!
  4. Reflect on the past 21 years of your life. 
  5. Write a list of 21 things you are grateful for and 21 things you would like to accomplish in the next 21 years.
  6. Go crazy! Get another tattoo or another piercing or buy that expensive lingerie that would make you look so hot.
  7. Do something adventurous: how about bungee jumping or skydiving?
  8. Let your friends buy you lunch.
  9. Pick out the best outfit ever for your party. After all: you are 21 now.
  10. Wear a button that says: I'm 21 or get real silly and wear a silver sparkling tiara. 
  11. Get yourself a chauffeur for the night. 
  12. Have your favorite meal in your favorite restaurant with your favorite friends. (you need food in your tummy before you start to drink)
  13. Tell 21 jokes to your friends.
  14. Go out. Go into a bar and let others treat you.
  15. Let the dj play your favorite song and dance on the table.
  16. Don't end the night without at least 21 kisses from different people.
  17. Collect 21 phone numbers from interesting guys.
  18. Make plenty of pictures (especially before you get drunk).
  19. Scream out as loud as you can: I am 21!!!!
  20. Open your presents with joy.
  21. Don't go to bed until all of the others have left your party. Wipe off your mascara, roll into bed and dream about your fabulous party.
Happy Birthday sweetie!

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samantha said...

i love you!
blij dat je erbij was!!