Thursday, September 6, 2012


I'm not a clumsy person, on the contrary. On some days though, I can't seem to get anything done right. Things slip out of my hands (yes, I broke a piece off my new steamgenerator), I loose stuff, I trip over my own feet or bump into open cupboard doors. It's okay for those things to happen at home. What I don't like, is when these things happen at work.. You're in somebody else's territory and somehow that makes me nervous. That's when I get real clumsy and spill milk on the linen couch or knock over a vase of flowers on that beautiful oak table. I let the potatoes boil too rapidly so the cooking water gushes over the pot and stains the cooker. It's not okay to forget to open the tube of the gavage before you shoot in the medication your little patient needs. Because if there's no open tube, the pressure makes the meds come right back out onto the pretty clothes your patient is wearing, leaving it messed up in black stains that will never come off.

I remember babysitting at the age of 15 or so. I had a new family. They had 2 children and I would take care of them on Tuesday nights. There was a very small TV in black and white with no more than 5 channels, so not much interesting to do. The father of the family would always offer me a bottle of beer to relax on the couch while the kids were in bed. I never told him I didn't drink beer.. He always opened the bottle in advance. One night, I was reading a book while the kids were in bed. I wanted to lay my legs on the table and accidentally knocked over that bottle of beer. The lady of the house had knitted a very complicated tablecloth.. get the picture? Beer all over that tablecloth. I panicked and rushed to the kitchen to get a towel, so I could soak up the beer. The stain was huge and I tried to rub it away with water and soap. The cloth got wetter and wetter. That's when I decided I needed a blow dryer to dry up the stain. Unfortunately I held it too close to the tablecloth. The blow dryer died and the stain was still wet. I never went back babysitting in that family. It was too embarrassing. 

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