Friday, September 7, 2012

It's my life

This month, I have 3 workshops on diabetes coming up. On 2 occasions, I will be telling about my life with D, informing the audience on what life with D is like. Most of the people in the audience are not diabetic and I often wonder what drives them to come listen to these seminars. Is it because a loved one is affected by the disease or is it because diabetes has become epidemic? Whatever it is, there's always quite a crowd who's interested in hearing more on the subject. To me, it has become my second nature to talk about this subject and I like to inform people and let them know life with diabetes is worthwhile.

For the first time, I'm going to give a totally different kind of workshop. Since I love to spend time in my kitchen, I have been asked to give a cooking workshop for people with diabetes. I don't eliminate sugar in my recipes, for I am convinced that diabetics can eat whatever they want, as long as they eat with moderation and stick to portion control. As long as they are not heavily obese and their numbers are within range, there are plenty of possibilities. So this workshop is not going to be any different. I won't use sweeteners but my recipes will be low carb. The audience will have diabetics as well as non diabetics. I'm thinking of the Type 2 diabetics who are not treated with insulin. They have a harder time straightening out their condition. They have no insulin available to cover for the extra carbs. So I tried to come up with recipes that are low carb so their sugars won't skyrocket. The group will be very diverse: children, adults, men, women, diabetics and non-diabetics. I have no idea how large the group will be, but it doesn't stress me out. I'm prepared and there will be plenty of volunteers to help out. It took me some time to figure out recipes that don't require cooking or baking (I have no oven or stove available), but I managed. I'm looking forward to this event. The location is absolutely magnificent and guess what? I'm proud I have been asked to give this workshop!

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