Monday, September 17, 2012

I'm fine, thank you!

We're getting used to having a third daughter in the house. She's such a sweet girl, just like our own two daughters. They get along just fine and that is nice to know. Ilaria has a sister too and I bet she misses her and her family at times. We are trying to make her feel at home as much as we can. There's always Skype if she wants to talk to her family and friends and that makes it easier on her.

Photo Lana Joos
It is funny to teach her Dutch words as: douchen, alles goed, goeiemorgen, smakelijk, koe, konijn, school, .. It's not a one way direction: we speak English most of the time now and Ilaria teaches us some Italian words. Maybe we should set up a little dictionary English - Dutch - Italian? That could serve all of us.

Yesterday we were discussing places we could go see while our exchange student is living with us. She would love to see Amsterdam, we thought of going to Brussels, Ghent, Antwerp, Bruges, the Ardennes, Middelburg, .. It is fun to show her the surroundings and she's impressed by the houses and the architecture of our country. It would be nice to go visit her in Bari one day. Sounds like a plan!

Times are pretty hectic around here. Since Hubby and I are both working on weekends every so often, there aren't many days off to plan trips. Her "mama" was sobbing when we met her on Skype. She misses her daughter terribly but at the same time, she's happy for her. We will love her as she were our own daughter and I already know it will be hard to let her go back to Italy at the end of the road...

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