Monday, September 10, 2012

It's gonna be one of those days

Working long hours in a restaurant, my employer had this bright idea: why didn't I go to school, one day a week? Wouldn't I like that? hmhm... I wasn't quite sure. I was no longer a teenager, you know. He wanted to send me to a highschool where kids who are not at all interested in school, go to, to finally get their diploma. But hey, what the heck. It could be an adventure huh?

The first class was wine knowledge. I still remember the teacher: big (not large, just big), bold and absolutely very brave. Why brave? Well, he talked for three hours in a row, while his students were absolutely not interested. I was very busy studying my classmates. I saw one boy with an open umbrella over his head, chewing too many pieces of gum, his legs stretched under his desk. He had no idea what the teacher was talking about, because his ears were listening to heavy metal - we could hear the base in the background. Apparently he had opened his umbrella for he claimed the teacher spit saliva when speaking. OMG.. I was appalled by that remark..

The next time we had that same teacher, I was ready to take notes, when I recognized some episodes from the last class. I frowned and pointed my ears, to make sure I heard it allright. But he did it again! This class was the exact same as the previous one! I decided to ask the teacher about his teaching method..

He was surprised to hear my comments. He said: Finally! Someone has noticed my way of teaching.. He told me about his students. How they were not interested in his classes. That he had to give the same class three times in a row, to make sure the students had soaked up some of the information he had to share. I felt sorry for him.. How can you be motivated as a teacher if the school kids have no interest in whatever you have to say? I thought he was very brave.. I don't remember anything about his classes, but I will never forget his perseverance and his devotion to keep on teaching.

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