Thursday, September 13, 2012

She's here!

She has finally arrived! Our Italian exchange student, I mean. We have been looking forward to her arrival. Not knowing what she would be like, we decided to give her the benefit of the doubt and welcome her into our home. I must say: she's a doll. Very sweet, polite, funny, interesting and eager to learn. It will be an adventure for all of us. Not being used to the colder temperature of Belgium, Ilaria left our house early this morning, to take the bus to school. Lana will guide her to her classroom on this first schoolday. Hidden in a warm winter jacket, Ilaria is ready to meet her fellow students and take part of her new life in Belgium.

I'm sure we will all have a wonderful time. Although there's not much excitement going on in our small village, we will find other fun things to do. We will show her around, take her on outings, introduce her to our family and friends. Along the way, she will teach us Italian and we will teach her some Dutch and English. It will be an enrichment for all of us. It was good to hear our youngest daughter speak English to her this morning. They will get along too!

Have fun in school, Ilaria! See you tonight! We'll walk the dogs after school, so you can see what our village looks like and get used to our whippets. You have never seen this breed before and you're no big fan of dogs or cats. But the dogs won't bother you. They didn't even open their eyes when you came downstairs this morning. I'm convinced they will melt your heart real soon and they will be cuddled.

Maybe I should make ravioli today. Or orechiette.., canneloni.., lasagna or ..

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