Friday, September 14, 2012

I will make better mistakes tomorrow

Life isn't always a piece of cake. Along the way, we struggle with issues and hard times alternate with magical moments. We make choices every day. Those choices are not always the best and sometimes we wonder where the choices came from. Were they well considered choices or were they more impulsive because you were carried away by the moment? Sometimes we never get answers to those questions and it may be confusing to look into our hearts and question ourselves. People get hurt and lives get disturbed. It's part of the deal, I guess. We can't keep our beloved ones from feeling pain and sorrow. We're not responsible for their happiness. If you can make a contribution to someone else's happiness, that is a godsend. But it's not a must. We are the ones who have to make ourselves happy. It's so hard to love someone else if you don't love who you are. It's not the best feeling if you are not your own best friend. Get up in the morning and tell yourself you are okay. Give yourself a reason to live and embrace you. Because nobody else will before you stand up for yourself.
It's okay to make mistakes. It's not that okay to hurt people deliberately. But what if you hurt someone without intention? Life is precious. Love is precious. I will make better mistakes tomorrow.

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