Friday, September 21, 2012

Signals from the body

A friend of mine once told me: "Whenever your body feels sore, try to figure out what's wrong in your heart. Your body gives you signals when you are not doing so well mentally. Back pain doesn't always mean something is wrong with your spine. It might mean something totally different. Look from within and try to heal your inner self, for the external pain signals will fade."

I'm more of a down to earth person, when it comes to these type of words. Let's say I didn't believe what she told me. Read again: didn't..

The "back pain" started around the age of 17. I was still living at home. It entered my life a step at a time and I could care less. I was young and full of life and the pain couldn't stop me from doing what I liked to do.

The back pain has always been there ever since. When I think of it, it has been really bad at times and then it faded a bit for a while, although it was always hiding somewhere just beneath the surface. I'm not the type of person who will take pain medication on a daily basis. I only take my tablets when nothing else helps. My back has never been this sore. This time the pain doesn't go away. It's been bad for several months and the pain is not only in my lower back any more. It has spread to my shoulder blades and my neck as well. My left knee and left hip hurt and I'm so tired. Just so tired.. I haven't listened to my body. Is that why the problem got worse? Because my body wants to let me know it's red alert?

My friend's words have crossed my mind more than once lately. It's time to heal the inner me. It's time to take away the inner pain and empty my head. It's not easy..

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