Monday, September 3, 2012

When I was young

I loved to go to school. Really! I didn't think it was a waste of time or a nuisance. It's not that the classes were that interesting, but it was the complete picture: friends, a good time, eager to learn, adventure,.. In class, I liked to fool around, but at the same time I did pay attention to what the teachers were saying. That was my study method, I guess. Paying attention in class = studying less at home. Because studying was not that exciting as going to school. I was not that good of a student. Learning things by heart was not something I did well. I passed every school year though and I never hated going to school.

That's why the first week of September, my heart jumps up and down for all them kids going back to school. I wish I could join them. I feel the excitement of crisp paper and new pens. The search for the right class rooms and figuring out what the teachers will be like. Picking out a new outfit and packing that lunch box... I'm totally excited! The girls say they are not, but I think they enjoy school just as much as I did. I just know they are curious about the upcoming school year. A week from now, they won't know any better and life will be back to normal.

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