Monday, October 15, 2012

Reach out

Depression     Guns     Imperfection     Suicide     Self-mutilation    Anorexia    Perfection     Destruction

I try to reach out. If only you could grab my hand and touch. The negative spiral you have landed in, is dragging you down. Don't let it happen. Please reach for the light and climb up. The sun is out there. I know you have people supporting you in staying down there, in the dark. Let us in to your world so we can learn about it. I can teach you about a different world, where words as

Happiness    Luck     Love   Contentment     Friendship     Family     Values     Sun     Positivity    

take control... Did you know there is a scale of negative and positive thoughts? Why not choose the other side? When did things go so wrong, that you chose to step on the scale of negativity? How can we help you? Can you see that things are not going well? We love you so much, that it's devastating to see you drift into a world so destructive. My heart is crying and hurting so bad for we cannot find a way to reach out to you. Please help us in helping you get better..

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