Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The never ending fatigue

I'm at the end of my rope.. really.. I'm so damn tired that my eyes sting and I want to do nothing else but sleep. I shouldn't be tired after a night rest of 8 hours, but I am. I don't wake up to go to the bathroom at night, so that can't be the problem. During the day, I would really love to take a nap. Sometimes my eye lids are so heavy, I want to lay down my head and sleep. But I don't give in. No naps during the day, unless my BG are so out of range that there is no other option. The thing is, being that tired is not very helpful in getting things done. I don't seem to get anywhere. There's so much work around the house and I can do so little. I work no more than 10 hours a week but nevertheless, our house needs to be cleaned and I'm not getting there. I feel so much pressure, so many chores that await me, that I'm losing it. I'm having a hard time focusing and I no longer feel like a woman (aren't women supposed to be able to do a zillion things at the same time? well, I can't...). My muscles and joints hurt. My back aches and my knee tells me to slow down. The shoulders could do with a massage and my neck screams for a therma care blanket. If only my blood glucose would work with me instead of against me. That would be helpful too... 


Upje schrijft said...

*knuff* I know how it feels ... Take care, meisje.


Jangeox said...

Hou je goed meiske
Het kan alleen maar beteren

Susan Roelandt said...

Oh sweetie, i know how you feel....since my cancer was diagnosed and having subsequant treatments i've fought this same kind of debilitating fatigue...some days are slightly better than others but wow, it could have been me who wrote that entry...different disease, same consequences.
Sterkte, meisje...we'll get by!