Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The excitable greeting syndrome

Whippets are not that common in our neighborhood. People give us a strange look when we walk our dogs, as if they want to say: what the heck? They probably think we don't feed them - although they are not even that slim. When we tell they are whippets, many reply: oh? Are that the Spanish dogs, that have been abused? nope... those are the Galgo breed..

If we would have to describe the breed, I think most whippet lovers would agree:
  • elegant
  • athletic
  • fast as lightening
  • thieves (they steal the meat out of the pan on the stove in an instant)
  • loving
  • great huggers
  • caring
  • best friends
  • love to live together with other whippets
  • racists (they love all sighthounds, but they despise other breeds, sorry)
  • supersweet
Playing hide and seek is a fun game. It's worth many pictures when you think of it. Rebba loves to play hide and seek. She finds the best spot on the couch, covers her eyes with her front legs or hides her head underneath a pillow and thinks she's pretty much invisible. What a doll!
Whippets all suffer from the excitable greeting syndrome. Whether you went to the bathroom for 5 minutes or you left the house for 4 hours, they are extremely excited to see you return. They lick your face, hug you, climb your back and wash your ears. The happy look in their eyes is priceless.. You can't but love them.. And that's what we do..

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Susan Roelandt said...

I suddenly REALLY want a whippet!!