Friday, November 30, 2012

Happy as a hound

little Romeo

Inthe and Valerie, 3 years old
We were invited to go for a whippet walk in Antwerp, to celebrate the birthday of Inthe and her sister Valerie. Of course there cannot be a party without friends. And friends there were! Like 14 of them! We had a ball and so did the dogs. It's always great to meet with other whippet lovers. The dogs always get along well. They can run their lungs out and fool around with their friends. They know someone will throw a ball they can chase. Our dogs were real happy to have so many friends to play with. There was the galgo Lola and the whippet puppy Romeo, there was the blue Stephanie and the sweetheart Robijn. Little Vief and Dee, who loves to stare at people until they feed him. The sun was out and even though it was freezing cold in the afternoon, we walked for 5 hours (okay, we sat down for 1 hour to have lunch in between). I fell in love with little Romeo.. he's only 3 months old and he's such a cutie. His owner was already looking into a playmate for Romeo. I'm pretty sure little Julio will come live with them within a week or two. Because that's what whippets do: they have this talent to make you love them. I know I wouldn't want any other breed of dog. Whippets rule!

Today was supposed to be a diabetesfree day. I say "supposed", because that 43 and 299 really spoiled the fun for a while, but there were no other diabetic friends to discuss this with. I corrected the numbers and I kept going. I hear walking makes you energetic. I'm exhausted and worn out, but yes, I did enjoy the day...  

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