Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A personal invitation

Photo Lana Joos
He puts on his clothes. She's standing beside him, still like a statue. He walks around the table, to get his shoes. She's like a shadow, following wherever he goes.. Rebba is spread out on the couch, pretending to be fast asleep. She's covering her eyes with her front legs. One ear is pointed though, like she doesn't want to miss anything. Inthe is still sticking to Hubby's leg and moves along with every step he takes. He's getting ready to take them for a walk. Inthe is all excited, but she's not jumping over him. She knows what's about to happen. She trusts his rituals and she knows it won't be much longer now before they leave. He puts on her leash and Rebba is still not moving an inch. She's waiting for a personal invitation. After all, she's the oldest and she got here way before Inthe (like 6 months..). "Wanna go for a walk, Rebba?", Hubby asks. She looks up, all excited and she jumps from the couch like she's a one year old puppy. It doesn't take long to put on her leash. They are all set to go. Inthe doesn't look back. Her body is headed in one direction: the front door. Rebba pulls her leash in a desperate attempt to see if I'm coming too. I'm not. This is my quiet time. Hubby does real well. He throws balls on the soccer field for Inthe to catch. He walks around the soccer field numerous times and he then takes them for a longer walk around town. I can't keep up with them. It's my time to take a shower and clean up the clutter in the house. I can rearrange the pillows on the couch for the girls to come home and throw them all over the place again. I know they love these walks. I wish I were better at going along.. Maybe I need a personal invitation too..

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Susan Roelandt said...

I had the great pleasure of meeting these lovely, elegant dogs...in one simple afternoon they entered my heart. Can't wait to see them and their fabulous family once again.