Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hot flashes

It's just not possible. I'm only 40. Or am I 41? Doesn't matter. It's just not possible. I'm too young to be having those hot flashes. They are not there all the time. Lately, I have been experiencing those flare ups especially while cooking. So it must be the range cooker or the oven for that matter. Seriously.. hot flashes? Me? naaah...

I miss my old kitchen windows. I could open them whenever I felt the need. Since we have renovated the kitchen, the wood windows have been replaced by more modern and energy saving double insulated PVC windows. The carpenter who came to replace the windows, talked us out of having windows you can open. He said there was no use. There are small fans on top of the windows and that would do the trick. NOT! I hate him. I should not have listened to him. I should have listened to my inner voice and I should've known I would need those windows to open in case I had hot flashes. Damn him..

So I walk outside, on the terrace. I throw off my clothes and finish the cooking in my underwear. Sometimes I put on an apron, especially when using searing hot oil in my Chinese wok. Don't want to splatter hot oil on my bare skin, right? I am too hot to even sit down and eat. So I wait. I cool off and I eat cold dinners.

I am not old enough to have hot flashes. I'm just not.

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