Saturday, February 16, 2013

An instant satisfaction

That's what people get when they work out: an instant satisfaction. People get this adrenalin boost that releases endorphin to make them feel good. It makes them long for more and I hear sports can be rather addictive. Some even work out every day, just because they know how good it is for their body. Sports gives them energy. It makes them happy and it makes their body look good. It strengthens their muscles and it makes them look slim and their bums tight. I wish I was born with at least a couple of sporty genes. I come out of a non-sporty family. The only sports I ever liked, was horseback riding. I did try gymnastics once I guess. I got hurt real badly, slipping of the balance beam, ending up with the beam in between my legs. I swear.. that was really painful. In school, I tried to skip the sports classes. I never understood my fellow students, playing catch on the playground. Why would you want to race around the school yard, trying not to get caught? I always ran real slowly, so I got caught first. That way, I could just sit down and cheer the others. I didn't even try to compete in swim class, I could care less who won the game. It's just not me.. I'm not that kind of person. I'm not driven to win. I don't give a darn if someone is faster than me or gets a medal. Good for them! I'll cheer for them and I won't shed a tear..

When you get diagnosed with diabetes, doctors tell you that you have to shoot up insulin, consider a healthy diet and exercise. I do well on two out of three conditions. I really suck on the third condition though. I guess I'm just lazy and bored by sports. I don't like to watch sports, I don't like to do sports. Period. Then why did I promise my D-friends I would give it another try? Because I don't want to let them down? Because the whippets would be real happy if I would take them out for a brief walk? Or because it would benefit my health? Maybe a combination of three.

I'm not ready yet. I need to think things over. But I promise I will give it a try. I have sneakers and sweatpants and an outdoor coat. I can climb stairs in the house ; we have plenty (did you hear my knees creak?). My kids are happy I'm too lazy to go all the way up to their rooms. Maybe they will clean their rooms more often if my condition gets better? I feel like I'm trying to persuade myself to get started. Like I said: I'll think about it.. 


Scott K. Johnson said...

You know what, you have to do when you're ready.

Diabetes adds SO many more variables to exercise. It can be so frustrating.

I found that I had to find something I really, really enjoyed doing in order to make it worthwhile to work on all of the diabetes crap.

For me, that is basketball. But I had to keep trying different things to find something I enjoyed.

So, I guess what I'm saying is that you can do it, and to stick with it. Keep trying different things until you find something you enjoy.

There is something out there for you (no matter how much you protest).

Saying all of this with a supportive grin and big hug. :-)

Cathy Van de Moortele said...

I know Scott... I know..