Monday, March 18, 2013

Be the best you can be

18 has always been your favorite number.
18 is a magic birthday.
18 is a milestone into adulthood.
18 comes with privileges and legal implications.
18 means you can vote, buy a house or get married without our permission.
18 also means you can get convicted for crimes and go to jail.
18 years, years full of joy and excitement, adventure and interesting stories.
18 is the birthday when your parents get a bit emotional for they finally realize you will start to build a life of your own.
18 means, you no longer need 24/7 parent supervision. We will always be advisors and parents, but we no longer need to parent you.
18 means, you are allowed to spend your money the way you want to spend it.
18 means, you can travel by yourself or with friends.
18 means, you are old enough to get your driver's licence.
18 means, you no longer need our permission to go abroad.
18 means, you are old enough to have a boyfriend (just kidding).
18 means, you can still have fun and do crazy things, without the burden of going to work every day.
18 means, you will start college and make a future of your own.
18 means, there is an apartment waiting for you to be decorated, so you can move in there and have a great place to study and meet with friends.

Are we ready to let go of the reins? I believe so. You are ready too. We love you sweetheart. Have a wonderful 18th birthday. Remember we will always love you and we will be here whenever you need us. Don't worry, we're never that far away. Welcome to adulthood!

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