Sunday, March 10, 2013

I wanna jump for joy

For more than 3 hours, I believed I was cured from diabetes. Despite the infusion site in my tummy, a tube going from that site to my insulin pump, the transmitter in my upper arm and my glucometer sitting on the table, for once I truly believed I could have a wonderful meal without worrying about what it would do to my BG..

Before the waitress handed us our menu, I poked my finger to check my BG. The meter read 139, my Dexcom said 144 and a steady arrow. I thought it would be a good idea to try out pasta, since pasta can be tricky for D's. Spaghetti all'Amatriciana is what I ordered and a diet coke to accompany it (I was driving, so no wine this time). I looked around us to see how crowded the place was and decided I could bolus my insulin right there and then. Okay, that's when the tricky part came: how hungry was I? How many carbs was I going to have? I know I can finish my plate if I want to, but I knew I wouldn't. I like to stick to maximum 60 grams of carbs for a meal (preferably 40). I hit the button and told my insulin pump I was going to have 60 grams of carbs. Pasta adds up easily and since I didn't bring a scale (I hardly ever weigh my food at home unless I need to scale products in recipes), my eyes would have to remain alert and warn me when to stop eating.

Dinner Date on the Dexcom G4
About half an hour later, the plates were brought to our table by a very nice young lady and we were starved and ready to eat. My BG was still in the same area - that's what a peek on my Dexcom screen told me. My friend and I talked and babbled and enjoyed our dinner (I skipped the bread, since I didn't want different types of carbs in my meal).  I saw her enjoy the bread (and privately counted the amount of carbs in those 3 rolls) and I didn't envy her at all. I added some more fake Parmigiano Reggiano to my pasta and dug in. I really enjoyed the good time with my friend and the taste of my meal. In the back of my head, I told myself to remember this place and come back some other day with my family.

Since my friend was in a hurry, we had Latte Macchiato instead of dessert (I don't regret that decision either). I couldn't explain to her how happy I was with this dinner date. Interesting and warm conversations, great pasta and perfect numbers! What else could I ask for? It has been a long time since my numbers were so great during a dinner date. I not only have a wonderful diabetes nurse who helps me understand and alter my settings, I now also have this great CGM. I'm hooked... Dex is mine, for good. As in: YES, WE BOUGHT IT!


Jangeox said...

Fantastisch! Ik herinner me andere lunch dates met andere waarden. Ik ben super blij voor je !

Kevin Keyken said...

Super Cathy!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Nicely done!