Saturday, March 9, 2013

Déjà vu

A pleasant family dinner around the kitchen table. We are all babbling and having nice conversations.
She is poking her food with only her fork, one of her feet on the chair and her knee sticking out above the table. Daddy reprimands her to put her foot down and keep her knees below the table. She rolls her eyes, mouth wide open and gives him that "gimme a break" look. She keeps talking and doesn't give in. He asks her again and she's getting annoyed now, saying: that's the most comfortable way for me to sit, okay? And he replies: would you sit like this in a restaurant?? NOT! And she talks back: are we sitting in a restaurant at this moment?? NO!

Was it my youngest daughter or was it me? She says it's her genes. There's nothing she can do about it... This sounds so familiar.. I have a déjà vu.. and it's not the first time.

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