Sunday, March 31, 2013


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For over one month now, I have been using Dexcom CGM. It's been great, learning about what food and exercise, stress and emotions do to my body. It's interesting to see how a simple Latte Macchiato affects my blood glucose in no time in a negative way and how 45 min of paddling in the pool makes the insulin work a whole lot better. I'm coming to conclusions I would never have accepted without this device. My favorite coffee is now reserved for low blood sugar episodes. I keep my snacks to anticipate in dropping blood glucose.

It strikes me, that I have so many lows lately. I have to eat all day to kick the lows in the butt. How come I don't remember real coke tastes awful? I hate what it does to the enamel of my teeth.. I don't want all that sugar in my mouth. In the last weeks I have eaten so much candy I'm at risk of getting type 2 diabetes! LOL

No, seriously, I'm gaining useless pounds because of the hypo food. That's a big dislike. I've done so much to obtain my ideal weight. Don't want to spoil that because of lousy lows. The thing with low blood sugars is, that you don't even enjoy the food you are forced to have. If you have like 5 lows a day or you have a low in the middle of the night that asks for more than 50 grams of carbohydrates, I get upset. Looking at my food diary, I eat more carbs from treating lows, than there are in my meals. That is no good.

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My basal rates need to get looked at. I need to interfere more when my Dexcom shows dropping blood glucose, to be ahead of that low. It still means extra carbs when I don't really fancy them. Okay, I can have my Latte, but it's not the same. If you have diabetes too, you will know what I mean..


Scott K. Johnson said...

Love the vacation pictures!

What a bummer about the coffee. Maybe doing a pre-bolus will help? Hate to think you'd have to totally give up a favorite treat.

You're so right about not even getting to enjoy the food for lows. Someone once told me that lows are technically a clinical event, and should be treated as such. But heck, how can we so easily remove the emotions involved with food? It's so much more complicated, isn't it?

I'm also right there with you on needing to evaluate my basal rates. It's been way too long.

Stay well!

Cathy Van de Moortele said...

I know Scott. Diabetes can be a real pain. My nights - seen from the software on the Dexcom - are a wonderful flatline around the 100 area. Love it! Daytime is somethin' else.. I love to eat and I hate to skip meals but when your food gives you terrible highs? ppff...;