Monday, April 1, 2013

Wired but tired

photo Eva Joos
After a 10 hour flight, we finally got to our destination: Stanford Airport, Florida. We had a good flight.. The first flight for the inlaws and they were completely at ease. The plane didn't go all the way up to the sky like a rocket does, so they were comforted by that idea.
It took us some time to get through customs, as half of the group doesn't speak English. The officer at customs was real nice about that though. He used Google Translate to make himself understood and the inlaws sign languaged and used their thumb ups to let him know they knew what he was talking about. What ad adventure!

The Florida sun welcomed us and so did Dollar Rental Cars. The original plan was to rent a Dodge Caravan. We weren't too sure about the size of the car, as there are 6 people and as many suitcases. What a bummer: the trunk was too small for all of our luggage. We had the option to order a taxi to deliver the suitcases, or to rent a bigger car.. What did you think? Exactly! We saw a Ford Expedition right across from the car we had rented and decided to take that one. We made a good deal and loaded the car. All set to go.. we thought, but I couldn't turn on the ignition. What was wrong?? I almost hopped out of the car to ask Mr James at the Dollar shop. Until we read the key chain: A22, not C5. OMG! what a blooper! I felt so stupid! We had a good laugh over it before we transferred all of our luggage to a third vehicle. What a monster that big black car is!

The sun felt great and we headed towards Kissimmee, a one hour drive away. My tummy was aching for food and we stopped at the Panera Bread restaurant, just around the corner of the apartment  for a quick bite. Grandma and aunt Erika were pooped but grandpa found his courage back after a hot steak and caramelized onion panini. It didn't take us long to fill out the forms at the front desk at so we could head to our rooms and unpack the suitcases. By then it was 9:00 PM local time or 03:00 AM our time. All quiet now peeps... we need some rest.. 


Anonymous said...

leuk verslag600

Koenraad Verloock said...

Draag veel zorg voor de oudjes en geniet van het warme weer;

Snotterende Koenraad Verloock