Thursday, March 14, 2013


I have known my friend for almost 2 years now and we have gone out for lunch on numerous occasions. In fact, we have made it a monthly meeting and there is always so much to talk about. Not that I know anything about programming software, but I think he's interesting and fun and wise at the same time. When it comes to diabetes, he's a bit of a mentor to me. His insight in the matter is terrific and so are his numbers. His numbers are so within range, that they are the numbers of a non-diabetic person.
We normally order the same lunch and we drink the same soda. Well, he orders coca cola zero and I'm hooked to diet coke. Don't think that's what makes the difference in our BG though..

Foto Jan Adriaensen
I like to try out different restaurants and different types of food. My friend is used to stick to food he is familiar with, because he knows what that type of food does to his bloodglucose. Nevertheless, he has always joined me in what we order and still, his numbers are great. We don't know where things go wrong, but he ends up with numbers that are not much higher than the number he started his lunch with. My numbers stay within range for about half an hour and then they skyrocket up to 400 and back down. Since we have made some improvements in my diabetes treatment, my BG doesn't go that high anymore, but I still saw a 270 on the screen of my Dexcom. I admit, things have been worse, but that 270 is still way too high for my own good. I still enjoy going to lunch with my friend and I am not afraid of the challenge, but I would rather have my numbers share my enthusiasm in a much lower range. I know my endocrinologist is not impressed by the theory, but I do believe there must be a way to prevent my bloodsugar from peeking that high during lunch meetings. I'm convinced that several factors could help me out: the stats and readings of my CGM ; the efforts of both my diabetes nurse and my diabetic friend to interpret and alter the settings ; me thinking straight and counting my carbs more accurate. I'm sure there will be many more lunch dates before we will have cut out all of the bad numbers, but in the mean time, we will enjoy each others company..; 

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Scott K. Johnson said...

Isn't it crazy how different all of us can be?