Friday, March 29, 2013

Totally last minute

There is so much left to do. Clothes need to get ironed, lunch boxes have to be filled. She's spending some extra time in the bathroom, not knowing when her next shower will be. I can tell she's getting nervous. She has been looking forward to this trip all year. As a sixth grader, it will be a wonderful way to say farewell to highschool and her classmates. It will be an exciting trip. It will be a whole lot of fun but emotional at the same time. Them kids will have to spend long hours on the bus but they won't get bored. They will have a good time, I'm sure of that.

Italy is a beautiful country. Lana wanted to go there as an exchange student. Things didn't work out as expected though. We have welcomed an Italian exchange student into our home and it was a great experience. There is a small chance Lana and Ilaria will unite again next week, in Milano. Wouldn't that be great???

We were invited to discuss the program of this trip. I wish I were 18 again.. these students will have the time of their lives. Knowing Lana is fond of art and history, she will take extraordinary shots of her stay in Italy. Her pictures will keep the memories alive. She will cherish those moments in her later life, looking back to her time as a student in highschool. Have a wonderful journey sweetheart. You have worked so hard this year. You truly deserve some time off with your friends. Have fun!

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